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China MBBS is a leading professional international education counseling institution which offers a cutting edge, value-added solutions to the overseas students. We bend ourselves to the development of international students studying in China, so as to promote the exchange and co-operation of international education and impulse the internationalization of Chinese education industry. China MBBS was formed in 2010 and has grown rapidly because of the hard work which is dedicated for the services of the students in a brief span. Our globally aligned teams and single minded dedication to the work ensures that you, the student, gets the best education for your money.


We have fully exerted the educational resources in Chinese Universities and established nice cooperation with Domestic and Overseas Universities, Educational Institution and Educational Counseling Center. We introduce the recognized and well-reputed universities and colleges to the students for their bright future and career through advertising material and newspapers.

Pre-Admission Services

Our services are expanded one to one career counseling, choosing and selecting courses and universities. We also analyze and sort out application requirements for admission processing, assist & resolve credit transfers or exemptions. We also provide students visa guidance and assist in their visa applications plus student accommodation, making it easier for our students to be comfortable and confident to study abroad and gain competitive degrees in their own field.

Post-Admission Services

We also make arrangements in travel assistance, ticket booking. Students will be received at airport in China by our University officials. Our services also include student’s registration at the specified University, regular feedback to parents on student’s development. We also handle special travel arrangements for parents to visit the students once in a year.

Innovative Services

Our contacts call us the experts in high quality innovative services. We are in a direct contact and provide our consultancy services with many of the Universities in China and abroad because of which we can implement those services around. We simply know the most about how to help you identify the needs of your education and deliver the services you’re looking for. But don’t just take our word for it. Try out our services and see for yourself.


We’ve worked with hundreds of Universities in Asia as well as in western countries and they’ve all received the best services ever from our global esteemed organization. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Call us anyway. Chances are we’ve done it before.

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