Admission for MBBS Medicine study in China is the best to study abroad in MCI list

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My friend inspired me to study MBBS in China, while she was also attending college in Qingdao Medical University. I chose this field because I always wanted to be part of the medical field and from past experiences; this is something that I really enjoyed. I have several family members who also work in this field: my mother was a registered nurse, one of my cousin is a dentist doctor and a niece that is also an MBBS doctor.

All of the staff at China MBBS Team was great. They were caring and understanding. I particularly enjoyed being able to interact with student of different nationalities. Chinese was a great challenge for me. However, I was able to overcome the subject.

The most important thing I have learned was to be more responsible and think more outside the box. Living as a single child and prove the expectations of your parents compel you to think a certain way. Education in MBBS offered an alternative to that mentality. I learned to come out of my element and see a broader outlook to my life. I would like to thank all of my professors. One professor in particular, Prof. James Lee is one I regard very highly. He challenged me to open my eyes and not be afraid to have an opinion when confronting life’s obstacles.

Having a career advisor like Becky Zhang is a great privilege. She is the most professional and kindest advisor I have ever met. She took the time to get to know me and determine the best universities she should send me out to study with. She was able to bring out the best in me, even tapping into skills I did not know I had. Ultimately, I got an admission in the Qingdao Medical University, last year.

My plans in the future are to continue and finish my studies soon as possible and go back to serve my country in the field of medicine. My advice to current and potential student is “Stay with it. At times it may appear hard, but the outcome will be overwhelmingly wonderful.”

Ishita Choudhary
IInd Year, MBBS
Qingdao Medical University.

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