Indian MBBS Student gets Admission in Medical College

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My name is Swapneel Jadhav and I successfully joined a Medical University in China for MBBS degree by China MBBS Management Team. After running around most of the Medical Colleges in Maharashtra, India, I realized that I was not getting ahead. I wanted something firm and better for myself and my career.

It was then that I realized the only way I was going to have an Admission in a Medical College without donations are in China. I began researching educational institutions and agents in India that offered the best Medical College in China with proper knowledge and guidance of the process for the admission and the student visa. China MBBS Company offered everything I was looking for in an educational counseling institution, who worked one-on-one with students. Without a second thought, I enrolled!

As a child I always wanted to be a Doctor. The idea of taking care of people and curing them, when they are sick appealed to me. As per my research I guess that the medical field is one of the fastest growing industries with regards to employment growth. I knew that a medical degree would offer me the stability I sought. What I liked most about China MBBS Company were the instructors. They are extremely insightful, friendly, and flexible. The management team and the after sales department is wonderful no matter what trouble you face, they gave me that extra push to make a decision and get ahead. I will always be grateful to them!

During my course of action of getting admission for MBBS, I encountered my greatest challenge. I was not even having a passport. I had to start my process by applying for a passport in my country and then getting a Chinese student visa! Without the help of the China MBBS Management Team and my family, I could not have gotten through this challenging time. I still reflect on that time and wonder how I made it through.

Last year, I attended a Career Counseling Seminar hosted by China MBBS for Indian students. It was during this seminar that I met with one of my current MBBS friend Sandhya. Two months later, we both were at the China MBBS head office in Qingdao for the MBBS admissions! There we met my Career Advisor Susan Yan. She gave me a complete idea about the process and work style of China, which was very insightful. Ultimately, I was offered a an Admission in the Qingdao Medical University and was guided to my hostel campus.

My goal is to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in MBBS. One day I will see my childhood dream come true! My advice to future and present students of China MBBS Company is, “Take China MBBS enrollment study seriously, stay focused and never give up!”

Swapneel Jadhav
Ist Year MBBS
Qingdao Medical University

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  • seroquel

    Great post I must say. Simple but yet interesting and engaging. Keep up a good work!

  • Sneha Barhate

    at this moment im in fix yaar
    u knw what the central govt. declared that it will take common entrance exam for MBBS from next year suddenly it says after preparing so much for cet ;its not over still our state have taken mci this to court; we dnt knw what to study yaar very streesed at this moment Do the govt. really care ? the syllabus is so different
    a piece of advice expected
    please tell me how did u get admissions exams given by you and your preparations
    pleas help

  • Swapneel Jadhav

    Yes I understand 🙂
    The best way is to get enrolled with the China MBBS Management Team and they will take care of all your worries. Right from getting you the Admission Letter from the university and visa from your local city!

  • nikhil

    can u giv me ur contact num plz…….
    I wanna join in china,so i want sum details

    • chinambbsblog

      Please check your mail Nikhil, you will get all the details.
      Thanks for contacting us.

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