Difference between China & other abroad destinations to study MBBS for Indian students

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China has emerged as a well-developed country, economically, financially and even educationally. The medical education in China for international student in English medium started from the year 2003. The Medical Council body in China called as ‘Ministry of Education’ (MOE) surveyed and selected around 60 medical Universities, where international students can study clinical medicine in English language.

Later in the same year, MOE handed this list to the Indian Embassy in Beijing, who then gave it to Medical Council of India (MCI). Every year, this is how MCI updates the list of Medical Colleges in China which are recognized for Indian students.


In early years, Chinese Medical Universities were accepting students with a criteria of minimum 50% in 12th class, so that those students could also fulfill the dreams of becoming a doctor. However from last couple of years, the criteria for studying MBBS in China is minimum 70% in 12th class. Chinese Medical University has always been raising the bar of their education standards, infrastructure and safety for international students, which makes them stand alone and powerful in the worldwide range.

This is the major difference between China and any other study abroad destinations for Indian students for studying medicine. Study abroad destinations like Russia, Philippines, Ukraine etc. are accepting students with criteria of 50% or 60%. Also the infrastructure and living conditions are not upto the standards, so the students have to stay outside in the city, instead of living in the University hostel.

Above all, Chinese language is becoming very strong worldwide and is regularly practiced among local people in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan. So once the students study MBBS in China and have a little knowledge about the Chinese language he/she can even practice as international doctors in these foreign countries.

Many international students from western countries come to China, to ONLY learn Chinese language. This language course itself costs around Rs. One Lac 50 Thousand, however Indian students coming to study MBBS in China, can learn this language in the same course fees of MBBS Degree Course.

So being so many of advantages to study medicine in China, comparing to all the study abroad destinations for Indian students, many of them opt for China. Always remember to study in Medical Universities in China which are recognized by Medical Council of India. Contact us for more info.

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