School of International and Public Affairs

General Introduction

School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) is dedicated to be an important base for the research of International Studies, China Studies and Public Diplomacy as well as for cultivating high quality and innovative talents, both national and abroad.

SIPA’s faculty team consists of professors from different academic fields, such as International Studies, Laws, Economics, Journalism, History, Cross Culture Communication and so on. The M.A. /Ph.D. program of International Studies (English Taught) is one of the most popular and fruitful programs. Ever since the year 2006, more than 200 international students coming from 49 countries have studied in this program and 120 were granted degrees. In order to provide a multi-cultural communication platform, which is important to talents cultivating, Chinese students and international students will take classes together, and courses are taught in English.

Supported by China Scholarship Council, Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), and Ministry of Commerce, SIPA provides scholarship seats for application each academic year. Meanwhile, SIPA has set up collaborative relations with over 20 institutions in the United States, Britain, France, Australia, Russia, Argentina, South Korea, Japan, etc. Students are encouraged to participate in exchange programs to study in those partner universities during their study at Jilin University.

Programs Introduction

Undergraduate Programs:

We provide the major of Diplomacy (B.A. in Diplomacy) in two programs: Public Diplomacy and China Studies. These two programs will adopt Chinese language and major study model: 2 year Chinese language learning plus 2 year major study. During the first 2 years, students will learn some background knowledge besides their language training. After 2 year Chinese language learning, students could choose either Chinese or English as their major study language.

1. Program of Public Diplomacy

(1)Program Objective :
This major provides basic knowledge and theories in Diplomacy, training in diplomatic research analysis, communication and management involving in foreign affairs, especially in the field of Public Diplomacy.

(2)Major Courses Offered :
Introduction to Diplomacy
Introduction to Public Diplomacy
Contemporary China Diplomacy
The Diplomatic Decision-making Research
Diplomatic Negotiations
Conflict Resolution
International Media & Communication
Diplomatic Etiquette
Public Diplomacy: Cases Study
International Organization
International Law
Contemporary International Relations

2. Program of China Studies

(1)Program Objective :
This major aims at revealing an emerging China in international community. Focusing on China Studies, students will learn every aspects of China’s development in the view of international studies.

(2)Major Courses Offered :
Theories of International Relations
Emerging China and World Affairs
Chinese Government and Politics
Chinese Foreign Policy
Modern China
International Relations Issues
China’s Economic Reform
Chinese Culture and Society
Media China
Relations between China and its Neighbors
Legal System in China
Contemporary China: Summer Fieldwork

Graduate Programs (M.A/Ph.D.) :
1. Program of Contemporary International Relations

(1)Program Objective :
By adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the program of Contemporary International Relations Studies aims at revealing profound changes since the end of Cold war, including the advent of Globalization era, the historical change of the relationship between China and the world, the rise of emerging powers, regional security and cooperation and international conflict, etc.

(2)Major Courses Offered :
Contemporary International Relations Issues
Theories of International Relations
History of International Relations
Emerging China and World Affairs
International Relations of East Asia
International Law
American Foreign Policy
European Union Issues
Conflict Resolution
International Political Economy and Global Governance

3. Program of Public Diplomacy

(1)Program Objective :
Public diplomacy plays a both significant and special role in a country’s foreign relations. The program of Public Diplomacy aims at exploring the theory and practice of public diplomacy. The program especially focuses on comparing the different lessons and experience of public diplomacy, probing into the construction of national image and promoting public diplomacy practice.

(2)Major Courses Offered :
Theory and Practice of Public Diplomacy
Public Diplomacy in China
Diplomatic Negotiation
Public Diplomacy: Case Studies
U.S. Public Diplomacy
Media Public Diplomacy
Construction of National Image
Intercultural Communication
Contemporary International Relations Issues
Chinese Foreign Policy

2. Program of Contemporary China Studies

(1)Program Objective :
By adopting a multi-disciplinary approach, the program on Contemporary China Studies focus on the research of contemporary China politics, economy, diplomacy, law, culture, history, society, etc. to acquire a panorama understanding of contemporary China.

(2)Major Courses Offered :
Politics in Contemporary China
Economic System and Development in China
Legal System in China
Chinese Foreign Policy
Chinese Culture and Tradition
Economic Reform and Opening in China
Emerging China and World Affairs
Social Security System of China
Trade and investment in China
Contemporary China: Summer Fieldwork

4. Program of China Law

(1)Program Objective :
The program of China Law aims at providing a comprehensive and profound understanding of Chinese law system, especially in the field of Chinese diplomacy relevant laws and regulations. Meanwhile, students should have the ability of China law retrieval and writing.

(2)Major Courses Offered :
Introduction to China Law
Chinese Constitutional and Administrative Law
Criminal Law of China
Civil Law of China
Commercial Law of China
Economic Law of China
Chinese Labor Law and Social Security Law
Chinese Human Rights Law and practice
Chinese Environmental Law
Chinese Practice in International Law

Application Information

Duration of Programs :

Undergraduate Degree: 4 years
Master’s Degree programs: 2 years
Doctoral Degree programs: 3 years

Application Time :

Applicants are supposed to submit application materials to our CMEI Office of International Students by June 30 (semester starts from September the same year).

Scholarship Provided :

Jilin University hosts scholarship programs supported by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) and Hanban (Confucius Institute Headquarters).
1. Chinese Government Scholarship program: For degree pursuit applicants (Master’s and Doctoral degree). For more details, contact us with your complete documents;
2. Hanban/Confucius Institute Scholarship Program. For both degree and non-degree students. For more details, contact us with your complete documents;
3. “Confucius China Study Plan” Scholarship Program, contains Sino-foreign Joint Ph.D. program, Ph.D. program in China program, Young Leader program and Understanding China program. For more details, contact us with your complete documents;

Tuition and Fees :

Registration fee: CNY 800 Yuan
Tuition – CNY/Year
Undergraduate Degree:
•2 year Chinese language learning:16000
•2 year major study in Chinese: 19000
•2 year major study in English: 23000
Graduate Degree:
Master Degree: 25000; Ph.D. Degree: 29000

Application Requirements and Materials to be submitted :

1. Applicants must be Non-Chinese nationals, holding valid passport and in good health;
2. The completed “Jilin University Application Form for International Student” – available at our site.
3. Copy of passport (Photo page);
4. Requirements for Education Background and Age:
•Undergraduate applicants: must have graduated from high school; age between 18 to 30;
•Master’s degree program applicants: must have a bachelor’s degree; age below 40; Certificate of bachelor degree, copies of transcripts and two recommendation letters issued by Associate Professors (or above) are required;
•Doctoral degree program applicants: must have a master’s degree; age below 50; Certificate of Master degree, copies of transcripts and two recommendation letters issued by Associate Professors (or above) are required;

Admission :

If applicants are approved, CMEI Management Team will send International Student Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form for Foreigners to Visit China to applicants. The applicants should bring all required documents to the Embassy/Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in the applicants’ home country and apply for an X visa to study in China.

Diploma and Certificate :

International students who have completed all courses required by curriculum, passed all examinations and successfully defended the graduation thesis will be granted the diploma of Jilin University and conferred with the relevant degree as applied.

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