Nanjing Medical University - School of Medicine

Admission Fees Structure, Policies and Guidelines

I. Bachelor's Degree Programs

(a) MBBS (Clinical Medicine, 6 Years)
(b) Preventive Medicine (5 Years)
(c) Medical Imaging (5 Years)
(d) Advanced Nursing Science (4 Years)

II. Entry Requirements

(a) Age: Student between 16 to 30 years of age.
(b) Health: Must be healthy without any deformity.
(c) Requirements: HSC, FSC or O level in pre-medical with 60% or above.

III. Application Time

(a) Fall: before September 1st of every year.

IV. Fees

(a) Registration: 800 RMB Yuan / per student (only first year)
(b) Tuition: 34,000 RMB Yuan / per year / per student.
(c) Accommodation: 5000-8000 RMB Yuan / per year (Double-bed room) / per student.

Note: In the first academic year we supply our students for free with:
1. bedding
2. textbooks
3. hospitalization insurance
4. laboratory clothes
5. physical examination
6. residence permission for one year
7. campus card (with 200 yuan in it, this card can be used to buy food, bath and borrow the books from University's library), of which hospitalization insurance and textbooks will be provided free of charge during their 6-year stay in Nanjing Medical University.

V. Withdrawal and Refunds

Request for withdrawal should be made in written form to School of International Education.
a. Registration Fee and tuition fee are not refundable.
b. The accommodation fee refundable will be calculated by month. The total study time in a year is 10.5 months. Student's leaving date will be decided by the date of approval of application in written form. Half of a month's accommodation fee is refundable if the application is approved before the 15th of each month (including 15th). If later than 15th, the refundable fee will be calculated from the next month.

Contact US immediately to enroll in the 2012 MBBS Admissions Program

Students can contact us to enroll in the 2012 MBBS Admissions program in Nanjing University. We also set many kinds of counseling programs with different scales and amounts for international students who manage to achieve excellence in different areas of their study and extracurricular activities etc.



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