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Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital

Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital (Nanjing Gulou Hospital) was founded as a Christian hospital in 1892 by Dr. William Edward Macklin, M.D., a Canadian missionary to China, with the assistance of an American Church. Since Macklin was the first president, the medical hospital was also popularly known as “Ma Lin Hospital”, after the Chinese name of this founder. Gulou Hospital, after its birth, developed from 50 patients’ beds and around 100 staff members to today’s most comprehensive institution of 1460 beds and 2700 members, which incorporates medical treatment, teaching and research into itself. In the year 2008 alone, it treated more than 1,500,000 outpatients and emergency cases and discharged 50,000 of them.

This hospital is well staffed and excellently equipped. There are 32 clinical departments and 32 medical technical sections, special research sections and laboratories. Department of general surgery is a national key discipline, department of hepatobiliary surgery a clinical center at Jiangsu provincial level and obstetrics and gynecology a key discipline in the list of “Scientific Health Project” in Jiangsu province. The hospital maintains a leading position in China in the fields of spinal deformity correction, liver transplantation and reproductive medicine.

In 2006 its postdoctoral station was approved by the State Personnel Ministry and currently it runs 17 doctoral programs and 27 master programs. With the approval of the state Health Ministry, it becomes the training center for specialists and clinical pharmacists. In addition, it is also the first training center for surgeons in Jiangsu province. The hospital provides advanced equipment for patient healthcare services, including PET, ECT, MRI, DSA, whole-body CT 1250mA X-ray, EEG Mapping, electronic gastroscope, color Doppler ultrasonic cardio-dynamic apparatus, central monitoring devices, automatic biochemical analyzers and multiple-function color Doppler diagnostic apparatus.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

It is also named as Jiangsu Province Hospital, the most comprehensive one in Jiangsu Province, which is the center of medical treatment, teaching and research. Covering a land of 123,000 sq.m., with a building area of 188,000 sq.m., the hospital houses 3156 active members, including 2649 medical professionals, of whom 617 have senior titles, 942 middle titles, 274 doctor degree and 462 master degree. In addition, there are 81 doctoral supervisors and 200 master supervisors as well.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

It also bears other names, like the Second Clinical Hospital affiliated with NMU, the Second Red Cross Hospital of Jiangsu Province, or Children’s Hospital Affiliated with Nanjing Medical University. As a teaching hospital for NMU, it is a top and comprehensive hospital directly under the Jiangsu Provincial Health Bureau and a training base for both Digestive Endoscopy Diagnosis and Treatment and General Practitioner, a base that is at the level of Ministry of Health.

Nanjing First Hospital

This top hospital is also affiliated with Nanjing Medical University, functioning as a training base for PCI by Ministry of Health, endoscopic diagnosis and treatment by Ministry of Health, general practitioner in Jiangsu Province, standardization for resident doctor. At the same time the hospital is also a center for clinical trial of cardiovascular drugs at a provincial level, prevention and treatment of diabetes at a municipal level of Nanjing, Nanjing trauma rehabilitation for industrial injury and Nanjing clinical nuclear medicine. In December 2002, the hospital passed the BSI ISO9001 quality management system certification. It was established in February 1936 and currently occupies an area of 58,000 sq.m.

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