The Colleges

序号中文名称英 文 名 称
1.文学院College of Literature
2.外语学院College of Foreign Languages and Literature
3.音乐学院College of Music
4.美术学院College of Fine Arts, Painting and Sculpture
5.数学科学学院College of Mathematics
6.物理科学学院College of Physics
7.机电工程学院College of Mechanical Engineering
8.自动化工程学院College of Automation Engineering
9.信息工程学院College of Information Engineering
10.化学化工与环境学院College of Chemical and Environmental Engineering
11.纺织服装学院College of Textiles and Fashion
12.医学院College of Medical Science
13.师范学院College of Teachers
14.法学院College of Law
15.经济学院College of Economics
16.国际商学院College of International Business
17.旅游学院College of Tourism
18.汉语言学院College of Chinese As a Second Language
19.成人教育学院College of Continuing Education
20.国际学院College of International
21.霍尔姆斯学院Holmes College
22.高等职业技术学院College of Vocational and Technical Education
23.软件技术学院College of Software Technology

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