Undergraduate Program:
MBBS (Clinical Medicine)

First Year

Sr.No. First Semester Second Semester
1. Cell Biology Histology
2. Medical Chemistry Physical
3. Chinese Introduction Human Anatomy
4. Physical Chinese Art
5. Chinese Culture

Second Year

Sr.No. Third Semester Fourth Semester
1. Medical Genetics Parasitology
2. Embryology Biochemistry
3. Human Anatomy Human Anatomy
4. Chinese History Chinese

Third Year

Sr.No. Fifth Semester Sixth Semester
1. Microbiology Hygienics
2. Hygienic Statistic Immunology
3. Physiology Physiology
4. Medical Chinese Pathophysiology
5. Medical Chinese

Fourth Year

Sr.No. Seventh Semester Eighth Semester
1. Medical Chinese Neurology
2. Epidemiology Medical Chinese
3. Pathology Forensic Pathology
4. Diagnosis TCM
5. Pharmacology Radio Diagnosis
6. Psychiatry Dentistry
7. Communicable Disease

Fifth Year

Sr.No. Ninth Semester Tenth Semester
1. Medicine Medicine
2. Gynecology Obstetrics
3. Surgery Surgery
4. ENT Pediatrics
5. Dermatology
6. Ophthalmology

Sixth Year

1. Sixth Year – Internship Internship Test

Note: Total 4891 hours, the course above is only for reference,
the school can adjust them according to the teaching facts.

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